LIBE relies on a state-of-the-art machine fleet and satisfactory answers to any Customer's request and need.
A quick overview on our products to evaluate the variety of the proposals and the eclecticism of our processes on the various materials.
A global reference company in the world of Motorsport, mind-opened on any possible markt, engineering and manufacturing since the early 80s.

Libe Incisioni Srl

The Art of engraving to value your company

Each product is custom made following the specific Customer requirements. LIBE offers the engraving service on any type of material destined to the industrial world.

Knowledge, competence and professionalism is what makes LIBE the perfect partner for any type of work.

Some of Libe's creations

Our portfolio speaks better than any word!

LIBE Incisioni Srl

We can promote your business!

Many solutions to emphasize or promote your company and your business. Global reference company for the motorsport, but rooted in the industrial world in all its productions and facets.

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