“Since everything is the work of industry, everything must be done for it.”

Conte Di Saint-Simon
French Political, Economic Theorist and Businessman

Synoptic Panels

Libe realizes custom synoptic panels in aluminum, steel and plastic materials such as Plexiglass, Polycarbonate, Abs, generally employed to house the electrical and electronic components of control panels for electronic equipment, planks also valid for the needs of individual electrical systems. The realization is carried out by means of chip removal engraving systems both on the construction and the customization sides. Thanks to thirty years of experience, each solution is conceived starting from a design and made to size for each individual Customer.

CE Plates

Each machinery, each plant, according to the current regulations, requires a plate that distinguishes the year of production, the characteristics, the name of the company that produced it and more. Each plate we make complies with the new CE provisions of the legislation, aluminum or stainless steel. The anodic oxidation process makes our plates absolutely indelible and resistant to any type of solvent or detergent. If the execution is performed by mechanical incision, the entire process is glazed with epoxy enamels. In the screen printing or direct printing on metal, an application primer is provided in order to guarantee maximum adhesion with the material. It is also possible to request special processes such as milling, to obtain frames that make the finished product unique and of the highest aesthetic level.

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