“Our customer is no longer a spectator, he is an integral part and the true engine of the product advertising process.”

Matteo Rubboli
Marketing Manager

Display Cases

Libe offers a technical consultancy service and the realization of customized projects, such as plexiglass display cases and plexiglass displays.
Our team of experts analyzes the customer’s ideas and needs, transforming them into a feasible and doable project.
Paying the right attention to every detail of the project and offering the best product that meets the needs, carefully studying and planning all the different components, are fundamental.
The plexiglass cases manufactured by Libe are transparent casings meant to offer classy shelter to an object: from the simplest model, to a collectible action figure, from rare books or volumes, up to artworks such as paintings or sculptures.
Libe’s display cases are made of highly transparent plexiglass with cast materials generally in 6mm structural thickness and provided with UV protection. They are 100% custom built, with highly aesthetic gluing, free of bubbles. The base is generally always made of single or double base acrylic, depending on the importance the customer wants to give to the object. We rather prefer a 6mm thick construction to offer the object strength and gluing rigidity, despite the use of structural glues dryied under UV lamps.


Libe takes care at 360° of the image of the customer’s business and promotion of the product. We perform Roll-Up banners in different materials and in different sizes. Libe’s graphic department is at the customer’s disposal to take care of all this.
All materials are provided with the fire-proof certificate for trade fairs and indoor shopping malls use.

Mini Stands

Libe manufactures display walls and Mini Stands with modular metal supporting structure and printed sheets. Either they are modular or not, our displays are versatile in shape and can be increased with additional modules and accessories (bags, brochure holders, feet and bases).
Ideal for backdrops, installations, fairs and the setting up of stands and promotional islands.
Advertising banners are printed to size and the customer can decide to customize them with the addition of perimeter eyelets, buttonholes and reinforced edges.


Libe’s complete service includes the customization of flags for events and fairs, supplied with selectable fixing systems. A fine packaging and finishing complete the product together with the best accessories, to ensure the best durability and ease of use. The custom flags are made of European level certified and standardized materials provided for the production of flags: 100% polyester, heat-sealed (anti-thread), certified fireproof and 100% recyclable. A guarantee of quality and compliance with environmental standards.


Libe designs and manufactures custom-made plexiglass and metal displays, following an initial briefing and careful analysis of the location where the products will be exhibited. The right exhibitor must be able to be customized according to the product to be displayed, the weight to be carried and the location where it will be exhibited. This is why Libe’s plexiglass or metal displays are all customizable in terms of size, material, shape and graphics. It is important to guarantee the right exposure level to each single product. Libe cares very much of the environment, for such reason a new product named Green Cast has been included in the acrylic range, in various thicknesses. It is the only plastic material that can be recycled in order to obtain the original raw material again, the Monomer .


Single-sided or double-sided floor totem entirely made of transparent plexiglas with metal inserts and with the option of interchangeable graphics. Thanks to the creation of detailed prototypes, each project is perfected for an optimized production.

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