“When I race, all thoughts fly away. Overcome the others is having strength, overcoming oneself, is being strong.”

Chinese Philosopher

Metal Medals

Following the investments made in the recent past, Libe was able to develop a system of metalworking to bypass their production by coining. The medals are processed by laser cutting systems, and mechanical engraving, even on small lots.

Coined Medals

A tradition brought into the future. The most sophisticated CAD CAM software have made possible to significantly improve the quality of the mold, drastically reducing its execution times and cancelling the need for the model maker. The medals are minted by mechanical shearing processes and subsequently treated with a galvanic bath and finalized by enameling with epoxy enamels to ensure brilliance and durability.

Wodden Medals

Some examples of processing obtained from the combination of CO2 laser cutting and marking. Following a detailed briefing with the Customer, the graphic department designs one or more solutions enhancing the brand of the event. This latter concept is further highlighted by packaging the product with dedicated ribbons made of satin with sublimation printing on both sides.
Thanks to our technology, we can also offer the customization of various wooden tools with the laser marking application of any logo or writing.

Coppe Standard

Not simple Cups, but a classic product of extreme quality. Libe offers a wide range of products, at the Customer’s preference. All products in our catalogue are manufactured by skilled craftsmen out of noble materials, such as brass in a galvanic bath silvered in 1000 or 24K gold.
Cups with a refined design in materials and finishes with excellent quality / price ratio: laser-cut metal products, printed and metallized cups. The Customers Libe daily supplies are increasingly international; we export our products to various European countries (Germany, Austria, Spain, France, Belgium, England, Portugal…), to the USA, Canada, Middle East, China, Malaysia and Singapore.

Plexiglass Trophies & Medals

It is too bad organizing a great competition, with illustrious and important guests, where all the participants have put all themselves in and then stumble on the banality step of a trophy devoid of charm and originality. Such risk is reduced to zero with Libe. Through the ability acquired over the years in satisfying the customer, LIBE knows how to find the perfect solution for any event.
We manufacture Plexiglass trophies and medals, the right mix of brilliance, colors and liveliness. In addition to a transparent range, we offer many laser cut products in the colored, UV LED, sandblasted and opaline versions, giving the product its own identity and elegance. Each product is studied in detail, leading us to create three-dimensional or two-dimensional objects on levels.


Not only the award for the athlete, Libe thinks also of the pre-race. With our Pegboards available in solid wood of any size, we offer one of the most effective tools for training the upper body. Fully personalized with any type logo, by laser marking systems.

Medal Holders

The greatest satisfaction for an athlete is certainly that of being able to expose the awards won from the various events, gained with sacrifice and commitment. Libe, thanks to its structure, is able to make any type of aluminum Medal Holder, printed with any graphics, even in single unit lots. They can be oxidized in various colors and customized according to the Customer’s request.

Race Pack

An anabsolute novelty by Libe. The integration of the promotional side of an event by providing the Customer with personalized products with its own brand, with a full product range created to complete each aspect of the event, starting from printed and engraved silicone bracelets, thermal bottles, embroidered towels, digitally printed thermal shirts and more.

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