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A punch is a similar to a “stamp” and it is used to mark metals such as steel, bronze and aluminum mechanically, without the use of acids or other chemicals. The sharpness of the brand and the quantity of the branded material depend on the quality of the punch and the complexity of the brand itself. Thanks to the laser marking systems Libe can perform machining with the outmost accuracy of profiles and geometries, placing itself as a valid alternative to the classic EDM.

Libe uses state-of-the-art machine tools, with CAD-CAM design systems that can reduce the machining times of precision mechanical components and ensure their perfect execution. Since its origins with the advent of the first mini-centers, Libe has placed itself on the market as a third party supplier of companies in the pharmaceutical sector, machines for labeling products, medical and dental, also managing the single order in addition to the small series. The quality of the finished product is guaranteed by a scrupulous control of specialized technicians.

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