“Entrepreneurship is neither a science nor an art, but a profession.”

Peter Ferdinand Drucker
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Synoptic Panels

Libe realizes custom synoptic panels in aluminum, steel and plastic materials, such as Plexiglass, Polycarbonate and Abs, generally employed to house electrical and electronic components of control panels for electronic equipment, planks also useful to the needs of individual electrical systems. The realization is carried out through chip removal engraving systems, for both the construction and customization. Each solution is conceived and tailored starting from a design specific to each customer, thanks to 30 years of experience gained.

Industrial Plates

The making of a simple technical application such as CE plates or graduated temples doesn’t limit Libe’s emphasis for the beauty of the product. Our desire is to find the right combination of technique and final effect so that even a structurally neutral product is a vehicle for the company’s image and contributes to increase the value of the brand.
Steel, aluminum, Plexiglas or polycarbonate can be selected as the most suitable solutions to meet the budget and aesthetic needs. Techniques: engraving, screen printing or direct UV LED.

Luminous Panels & Letters

Libe realizes writings with different materials and with different techniques.
The non-luminous writings are made either of stainless steel (aisi 316 L) front ends, or directly milled from an aluminum sheet (T6082 – Avio Metal – Ergal), satin or mirror finished. The clear one can be made off a 3/6 mm thick acrylic front end in multiple colors, even metallic. The front end of this type of letter is fixed directly to the block by means of pins or specific structural adhesive. The block underneath is milled to house the LED lighting with clear light or full RGB. O-rings are provided to guarantee the IP68 protection, generally required for outdoors and in nautical applications. Each type of writing is designed by checking all the peculiarities before going into processing.


Libe designs and manufactures custom-made plexiglass and metal displays, following an initial briefing and careful analysis of the location where the products will be exhibited. The right exhibitor must be able to be customized according to the product to be displayed, the weight to be carried and the location where it will be exhibited. This is why Libe’s plexiglass or metal displays are all customizable in terms of size, material, shape and graphics. It is important to guarantee the right exposure level to each single product. Libe cares very much of the environment, for such reason a new product named Green Cast has been included in the acrylic range, in various thicknesses. It is the only plastic material that can be recycled in order to obtain the original raw material again, the Monomer.

Foam Cutting & Packaging

Thanks to a state-of-the-art laser cutting machines fleet and the use of plastazote, Libe creates several foams for the housing of objects. Plastazote has an exceptional uniformity in density. The cell size and color intensity, the resistance to water and other chemical elements, together with the certification for use in contact with the skin, make Plastazote a versatile and performing material in many applications, including food. The advantage of laser cutting allows to eliminate any cost related to normal dies or plants, greatly reducing costs and easy to make even in small lots.

Foam Cutting For Materials

Following a careful development carried over the years, Libe his can develop a very versatile and economic system for the managing of the handling of material on Tray.
This system allows high saving of paper or cellophane (normally used in the past), protecting the goods during transportation from any possible impact. It also allows a great reduction of transport costs given the reduction in volumes and a lower impact on the environment. Each shape is created by a software, thus eliminating any cost of plant or die.

Laser Marking

Laser marking is a processing technology offering indelibility and versatility. It’s weatherproof and ideal for all applications subject to the contact with solvents or to intense wear. Its versatility finds an excellent field of application in all those situations characterized by numerical variants such as sequential codes, bar codes and QR codes. Libe laser markers process the most varied materials, from plastic to metal, from glass to wood; solutions that embrace many sectors from industry to craftsmanship.

Indoor & Outdoor Plates

Choosing a metal plate means giving style and elegance to your company, shop, hotel and all kind of activities that have contact with people. Stopping and reading your name on a prestigious brass engraved or polished steel plaque, transfers the security of seriousness and professionalism of your business to the person. Thanks to a CNC machine fleet and the experience gained in thirty years, Libe produces any type of plate, reaching formats up to 2000 × 1000 mm. Each product is carefully managed to the smallest detail up to the cleaning phase, in order to guarantee a completely handmade product.

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