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Libe was established in the late eighties. It immediately confirmed as a very representative brand in the business of engravings, awards and plate production, thanks to the high technical and quality values of the products proposed.
Over the years, following constant research and the ambition to offer different processes, Libe was able to extend its skills to many other markets.
The production is developed inside Libe’s own headquarter located in Bovisio Masciago, a stone’s throw from the district of Milan, and covering 600 square meter dedicated to the production site and about 100 square meters intended for the adininistration and the designer’s department. All products are entirely designed, manufactured and assembled in Italy. Libe’s creations are the flagship of the company’s strategy which aims to perform more and more products and processes of impeccable quality and 100 % MADE IN ITALY.


Libe Incisioni S.r.l., is an Italian company designing and manufacturing fine details products relying on constant innovation and continuous research. Its motto, “It is always the detail that makes the difference in life” summarizes the meaning of its daily commitment.


Our craftmanship processes are easily distinguishable worldwide, regardless the presence of our brand label on them, our trademark is unequivocal.
The originality, the finish and the combination of different materials, allow a Libe product to shine among all others.

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Particular attention is given to the designing process, it is indeed in this very moment that the customer, always in close contact with our highly qualified staff, has the opportunity to evaluate the product before it is finalized, inscpet the realization by evaluating its sizing and the combination of materials, through rendering techniques, laser-carved mock-ups and / or illustrative video creations made available on Libe’s youtube channel.


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