“Believing in a goal is one of the most powerful forces on Earth.”

Zig Ziglar
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Custom Made Trophies

We are not the common supplier, we are a valid and competent partner.
Since years, Libe has is the preferred supplier to many communication agencies dealing with the organization of corporate events, annual sales force awards or awards for creativity or technological innovation.
Everything we do is done with the aim of constantly enhancing the company brand by allowing our customers to hand out an award made in 2D or 3D and with the use of a selection of different materials.

Commemorative Plates

Libe is also highly specialized in the creation of design award plaques. Without ever loosing the memory of what was written made in the past such as Silver plates, diamond and brass in natural or silver versions, more commonly known as Silver Plated, we have expanded the product range by inserting Plexiglass as a casing element or carbon fiber as a design texture, depending on each specific context of application.

Optical Crystals

Through the creation of customized objects, Libe offers its technical knowledge in laser processing applied to the purity of the K9 quality optical crystal. We create 3D and 2D files ready to be engraved straight on the crystal.

Custom Made Key Holders

Through the experience gained over the years and the latest machinery available, Libe extends the Made in Italy also to the creation of key holders. There are infinite combinations that can be designed, just as infinite are the creations that we have made over the years. 2mm thick carbon fiber sheet surrounded by CNC milling or small processes, allow the customer to create really tasteful items. Everything is then perfected by means of a dedicated one-color or two-color packaging and with a specific box made of papermaking, complete with customized bottom and lid.

Pins & Cufflinks

We offer the option to enrich an elegant jacket or a fine shirt with minted brooches and minted cufflinks. Depending on the desired image of the logo to be reproduces, the customer can complete the cutting process with Pantone glazes, making the final object more visible despite its small size.

Badge Holders

Lanyard and neck ribbons. Polyester, sateen and striped, printed in sublimation colors, screen printing or in relief. Variable heights.

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