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Latest generation machinery to perform high quality works

It’s time to dress the product with the most beautiful dress. Our challenge is to give our Customers an identifying image, in which each element of the message is clear, distinctive, unique so that nothing goes unnoticed when passing in front of communication.
Experience is one of the most important aspects in our sector, The ability to count on consultancy at every stage ensures that a project imagined on paper becomes a great project in reality.
In addition to the customization of all Made in Libe products, we also take care of printing for third parties by customizing, we can say, any product, from a pen to the large format panel in Forex for events, fairs and more.
Digital printing has taken the production to the next level. The advantages are surely remarkable, the production time is much shorter than in the past, the possibility to work on special supports and formats and personalization, which is essential to give your communication support an original and memorable character.
A great revolution is certainly the possibility of having a transparent ink for glossy, matt finishes and high-impact relief effects.
Thanks also to two other factors, we managed to significantly improve the impact of all our products. A channel of the UV Primer has allowed us to guarantee excellent adhesion on materials that until recently were difficult to achieve, such as metal and glass. The inclusion of the double white channel allowed us to significantly increase the coverage.

Libe uses state-of-the-art machine tools, with CAD-CAM design systems that can reduce the machining times of precision mechanical components and ensure their perfect execution. Since its origins, with the advent of the first mini-centers, Libe has placed itself on the market as a third party supplier for companies in the pharmaceutical sector, machines for labeling products, medical and dental, also managing the single order, in addition to the small series. The quality of the finished product is guaranteed by a scrupulous control of specialized technicians.

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