Technical Department

The improvement of the productivity of a company can be obtained not only in the production department, but also in the design phase. Over the years Libe has structured itself in order to always be able to offer Customers with new ideas, with attention to every detail, with its staff in the professional technical office. We are able to send any customer a preview of each realistic process with the use of the same materials used during the production phase.



Since over 5 years, Libe has set up a design department capable of satisfying all customer needs.

The company offers a unique modus operandi of its kind and stands out for taking on every need by presenting the Customer with a rendering likely identical to reality.

The professionalism of its specialized staff combined with the use of the best software on the market such as the AUTODESK package for the preparation in 2D and the subsequent rendering in 3D with masks and effects of the materials used, offer increasingly detailed quality standards in order to guarantee a final result of excellence.



Libe pays attention to every detail, starting from the approach to the project up to the creation and finishing of the replicas. Together with the Customer, the materials, the finishes, the colors and the performances that the prototypes must have, can be defined. Prototypes are made with the use of the most noble materials such as cardboard or Forex in order to be able to verify their functionality, with the certainty of being able to evaluate the actual conditions of use of a product under different aspects. In the case of more complex details, Libe often makes use of rapid prototyping performed with 3D printers, a technique that certainly offers the right flexibility to make this process simple and convenient, reducing any error. A realistic prototype represents a very effective tool to be able to communicate with any Customer. It also improves the understanding of the project within our work team, immediately evaluating its mechanical functionality.

Quality Control

Mitutoyo Quality Control

Thanks to a series of measuring instruments, the entire production is kept under control by respecting what is requested either by the design department or directly by the Customer.
All products are subjected to surface checks to obtain the highest quality and a finished product that meets our high quality standards.

Digital Marketing

Starting from the Market

The Marketing process is defined by the Management and takes place through the implementation over time of a series of corporate actions aimed at achieving a positive result within the market.

Libe is a company very attentive to the market and increasingly concentrated towards a goal, avoiding expensive investments and unnecessary waste of time.
The goal is certainly to make the work environment better and better for the people who work inside, by developing more and more innovative processes that can lead to improving the company brand and profit.

The 5 highlights on which our company’s Marketing is based are the following:

• Analysis of opportunities
• Research and selection of target markets
• Development of strategies
• Planning of tactics
• Implementation and control of the efforts and the results

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