“Medals stay, memories pass.”

Carl Lewis
American Former Track and Field Athlete

Metal Medals

Following the investments made in the recent past, Libe was able to develop a system of metalworking to bypass their production by coining. The medals are processed by laser cutting systems, and mechanical engraving, even on small lots.

Coined Medals

A tradition brought into the future. The most sophisticated CAD CAM software have made possible to significantly improve the quality of the mold, drastically reducing its execution times and cancelling the need for the model maker. The medals are minted by mechanical shearing processes and subsequently treated with a galvanic bath and finalized by enameling with epoxy enamels to ensure brilliance and durability.

Plexiglass Medals

A mix of brilliance, colors and liveliness is undoubtly found in the range of Plexiglass products. In addition to a transparent range, Libe offers several laser-cut products in colored, UV LED, sandblasted or opaline versions, providing the product with its own identity and elegance. Each product is manufactured with extreme attention to the details, pushing us to create a three-dimensional or two-dimensional product on levels.


Libe offers the possibility to enrich an elegant jacket or shirt with minted brooches and minted cufflinks. Depending on the image of the logo the customer wants to reproduce, the customer can also complete the cutting process with Pantone glazes making the object more visible despite its small size.

Custom Plates

Libe is highly specialized in the creation of design award plaques. Materials such as Plexiglass, carbon fiber, wood and leather are combined with metal with the aim of leaving a mark on the person receiving it. A sign that traces the lines of a uniquely Made in Libe product also in terms of packaging.

Standard Plates

Silver Plated or Aluminum, engraved or printed, packaged in special Plexiglass displays or in a leather or fabric case.

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