“What we need in this world is more production and less sucking.”

Charles Cassius Gates Jr
Businessman and Philanthropist

Foams For Boxes

Thanks to a state-of-the-art laser cutting machine fleet combined with the use of Plastazote, we produce foam products for the housing of products in boxes. Plastazote has exceptional uniformity in terms of density, cell size and color intensity. Thanks to its resistance to water and other chemical elements, together with the certification for use in contact with the skin, it is a versatile and performing material destined to several applications, including food. Thanks our type of processing, all costs related to dies are completely eliminated. We are able to make cuts on several levels and house objects with even the most unthinkable shapes. For such reasons, we can approach any customer even the ones asking for small and often different productions.

Foams For Goods Handling

In recent past, Libe has developed tray solution for the handling of raw material among the different phases and between the subcontractors in this sector. This system allows an important saving of paper, cellophane (normally used in the past) while protecting the goods transported from possible impacts that can occur during the transportation. It also allows a great reduction of transport costs given the reduction in volumes and a lower impact on the environment. The internal shape can be worked on several levels and thanks to careful software programming, all costs related to plants and dies are eliminated.

Protection Foams

In addition to the Karting rib protection, Libe thought further of the driver’s comfort of the Karting Driver offering laser-cut protective and ergonomic foams, mounted on the seats of the Kart both for the Racing and Rental applications, in the various shapes and thicknesses. In particular, the protection on the back has been specially shaped like a comb to help air flow between the suit and the seat.

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