Mechanical Engraving

Latest generation machinery to perform high quality works

Libe has been present since the first communication, but with style! Choosing a metal plaque means giving style and elegance to a company or business. Reading someone’s name on a prestigious plaque transfers the confidence of seriousness and professionalism to the person. Libe has expanded its customers by creating synoptic panels for machine tools, control panels for boats, helicopters, going as far as 3D processing thanks to the latest generation CAD-CAM processors.

We use state-of-the-art machine tools, with CAD-CAM design systems that can reduce the machining times of precision mechanical components and ensure their perfect execution. Since its origins with the advent of the first mini-centers, Libe has placed itself on the market as a third party supplier for companies in the pharmaceutical sector, machines for labeling products, medical and dental, also managing the single order in addition to the small lots. The quality of the finished product is guaranteed by a scrupulous control of specialized technicians.

Graduated Auctions

We manufacture Graduated Auctions for the detection of liquid heights for tanks, silos, oil and chemical tanks. Made of stainless steel engraved with a mirror polished finish and engraved anodized aluminum rods for the the industrial applications.

Letter Cutting

The quality of the components and the tradition of Italian design also distinguish our steel backlit and non-illuminated writings. We perform writings with different materials and with different execution techniques.
The non-luminous inscriptions are made with stainless steel (AISI 316L) or laser-cut aluminum and subsequently polished or satin finish according to the customer’s request. The bright ones can be made with an Acrylic front end in 3mm or 6mm thicknesses in multiple colors, or with a steel front end. The front end of this type of letter is fixed to the underlying block through stainless steel pins. The lighting plant can be executed with both clear and RGB light and is contained inside the block.
The IP68 degree of protection is guaranteed by the creation of a gasket (o-ring) and by the resin coating along the entire LED strip placed in the appropriate seat.

Coats of Arms and Marks

We create logos in brass, aluminum engraved two-dimensionally or three-dimensionally to be placed on desks or outside public or private buildings.

Custom Made Key Holders

Through the experience gained over the years and the latest machinery available, Libe extends the Made in Italy also to the creation of key holders. There are infinite combinations that can be designed, just as infinite are the creations that we have made over the years. 2mm thick carbon fiber sheet surrounded by CNC milling or small processes, allow the customer to create really tasteful items. Everything is then perfected by means of a dedicated one-color or two-color packaging and with a specific box made of papermaking, complete with customized bottom and lid.

Synoptic Panels

Generally used as components for the industrial construction of control panels for electronic equipment, for naval dashboards and also for the needs of individual electrical systems.
We perform all three types, engraved by chip removal and enameled, milled and engraved by laser marking systems or printed directly on the UV LED material with raw materials to allow greater adhesion of the ink to the material, making it virtually eternal.


Libe Incisioni has been present since the first communication, but with style! Choosing a metal plaque means giving style and elegance to a company or business. Reading someone’s name on a prestigious plaque transfers the confidence of seriousness and professionalism to the person.

Luminiscent Lettering

Everyone’s life is dedicated to the search for the one piece that can make his passion as unique as possible.
For such reason, at LIBE we realize writings with fronts in stainless steel (AISI 316 L) or anodized aluminum in glossy or satin finishes, complete with underlying solid plexiglass thickness 15 mm, complete with clear LED lighting or RGB resined to guarantee the IP68 protection.
Each creation is completed with steel fixing pins to easily apply the customized lettering on the support by drilling the fiberglass, following the template provided with each creation.
Each lettering creation is designed taking any peculiarity into account before it is processed.


One of the few processes Libe manages outside is that of surface / aesthetic processes. We have made use of excellent collaborations strenghtened in almost twenty years, often interacting with the galvanics when a dedicated equipment for the anodic oxidation of the piece, nickel plating, gilding or painting must be performed. After being superficially treated by satin finishing or polishing, the aluminum is mainly anodized in two ways. Hard oxide in magnesium, black, silver coloring or by means of decorative anodic oxidation. The material can be polished or opaque according to the finish the Customer prefers. The colors are many, Natural, Gold, Black, Blue, Green, Red, Anthracite, Magnesium. We are talking ofa very artisan treatment where it is important to always respect the reference sample for the color.

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