Mechanical Processing

Latest generation machinery to perform high quality works

Libe offers the widest range of services: from design to construction of the mechanical component for subcontracting, through mechanical machining, to complete assembly of the systems.
We have a stock of raw materials available in to promptly respond to urgent customer requests:

• Stainless Steel Aisi 304/316L
• Special Steel
• Aluminum and Ergal
• Titanium Sheets Gr.2 – Gr.5
• Copper – Brass – Bronze
• Plastics (Derlin, Nylon , Teflon, Loaded Teflon, Peek, and more)

Libe uses state-of-the-art machine tools, with CAD-CAM design systems that can reduce the machining times of precision mechanical components and ensure their perfect execution. Since its origins with the advent of the first mini-centers, Libe has placed itself on the market as a third party supplier of companies in the pharmaceutical sector, machines for labeling products, medical and dental, also managing the single order in addition to the small series. The quality of the finished product is guaranteed by a scrupulous control of specialized technicians.


One of the few processes that Libe supplies is surface / aesthetic processes. We have made use of excellent collaborations in place for almost twenty years, often interacting with the galvanics when a dedicated equipment for the anodic oxidation of the piece, nickel plating, gilding or painting, must be performed. After being superficially treated by satin finishing or polishing, the aluminum is mainly anodized in two ways, hard oxide in magnesium, black, silver coloring, or by means of decorative anodic oxidation. The material can be polished or opaque according to the finish the Customer prefers. The colors are many, Natural, Gold, Black, Blue, Green, Red, Anthracite, Magnesium. We are talking about a very craftsmanship operation where it is important to always have a color reference sample from production to production.

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