The Machines Fleet

With over 30 years of experience in the field of metalworking and a fleet of high technological contents, we are able to engineer and manufacture high quality products at affordable prices.
From milling machines to CNC machining centers capable of the most complex productions, from mini-centers for machining engravings with chip removal to the various  lasers cut and metal and plastic marking, make the Libe workshop independent on any type of processing.
Everything is then perfected in the metal cleaning department (satin finishing and mechanical polishing) in order to give the finished product top-level aesthetic quality standards.


Laser Giotto 120W Cabin

N. 1 SEI LASER diode powered laser, with power from 120WATT. This machine is suitable for laser marking Metal, ABS, Plastics up to 500×500 format with a 400mm Z, it is equipped with a software for the processing of sequences and QR codes. Thanks to the variability of power and speed frequencies, it is possible to obtain a different coloring of the incision performed on certain materials. Possibility of rotary laser marking with the use of the third rotary axis.

Laser Giotto 40W

N. 2 Laser SEI LASER (G8) 40 Watt fiber suitable for Marking Metal, ABS, Plastics, Leather in 150x150mm format. They are equipped with a software for the processing of sequences and QR codes. Thanks to the variability of power and speed frequencies, it is possible to obtain a different coloring of the incision performed on certain materials. We can easily perfomr rotary laser marking with the use of the third rotary axis.

Laser NRGL

The 250watt CO2 Laser Cutting machine (NRGL) has a working surface of 3200x2000mm and is employed for engraving and cutting paper, cardboard, leather, synthetic leather, leather, natural and technical fabrics, rubber, wood, plastic, glass , marble, and more.

Laser CO2 H-Type

The SEI LASER CO2 laser cutting machine (H-Type) has a 1000x700mm work surface suitable for cutting and engraving paper, cardboard, methacrylate, carbon in plate, leather, leather, foam and plastazote with any geometry of cut. The machine is completed with a camera for cutting with reference marks, automatic reading of the mark regardless of how the sheet is installed in the machine. It can perform Laser engravings also on glass and also in rotation through the use of the third rotating axis. Work table with Z axis movable by actuator, stroke 100mm.

Engraving with Chip Removal

9 Tools CNC Milling Machines

The 3 HS 53 BIEMMEPI SISTEMI mini milling centers are employed for light milling and engraving of aluminum, brass, PVC, various plastics, carbon fiber. They are complete with suction plates for clamping the sheets. These machines are equipped with a 500x300mm work surface and are complete with a 9 slots tools charge station equipped with the latest generation 36000 rpm spindles.

Milling, Turning and Large Format Engraving


The CNC MSC 502 is equipped with automatic tool changer 630 (X) x 600 (Y) x 650 (z) size at 12000 rpm. It is employed for any milling operations on steel.

Meta 3 Plus 18 Tools CNC Milling Machine

The CNC milling machine with automatic tool change with 18 tools size 1200×800 is suitable for light milling (Aluminum, Brass, Copper, Carbon, Steel, Plastics, Marble) and large engravings. The Z is 250mm.

Deber Milling Machine

N. 1 Deber milling machine. Bench length 1000x350mm. Z 300mm.

Alpin Manual Lathe

The Alpin Manual Lathe has 80mm bar passage, maximum workable diameter 230mm for a stroke of 1000mm. Without underhead gusset up to a maximum of 300mm.

Raw Material Sectioning

Altendorf FP45 Saw

The Altendorf FP45 saw gas a blade diameter of 300mm and the bench length is 2000mm and completed with a  +/- 46 ° blade inclination device.

Shark 332 Belt Saw

The Mep Shark 332-1 belt saw model has a bar pusher and the automatic toothed blade descent. Maximum sectionable diameter 250mm.


Belt Calibrating Machine

The belt calibrating machine is employed for the roughing of material. 2400mm workbench.

Ciclope LN Grinder

The Cyclope LN series grinder has an 80mm belt and 3000mm development.

Independent Axis Cleaner

The independent axis cleaner machine has a DBR Ciclope series speed variator with shaft motors on 300mm diameter oil lubricated bushings with  50mm internal hole diameter. It is employed for the polishing and satin finishing of the materials.


UV Gluing System

We make use of a UV Plexiglass gluing lamp, 2000mm length complete with double lamps and equipment for multiple gluing. It is suitable for gluing boxes up to 45 °.

Bench Template for Gluing

Aluminum structure complete with modular top and equipment for gluing from 90° to 45°.


Digital Printer Diretta Mimaki

The Diretta Mimaki is a direct digital printer operating on the material, with flexible inks and also suitable for surfaces that must then be hot or cold folded. The print bed is 700x600mm, with a Z of 150mm. In addition to the classic four-color process (CYMN), the printing process also includes a double white channel and two separate channels, one for the primer and one for the gloss (suitable for 3D effect prints).

Digital Printer Canon Arizona GT550

The Arizone GT550 is a large format, direct UV LED, digital printer complete with four-color channels and with the addition of the double white channel. Maximum printing format 1250x2500mm, Z maximum 20mm. Roll-to-roll included for printing on flexible materials such as banners, fabrics, paper and more.

3D Printing

Nylon Filament 3D Printer

The 3D printing machine has a 250x250x250mm working area with nylon filament technology. After having generated the file directly with the Autodesk software and delivered the rendering to the Customer through the CAM processor applied, the machining is sent to the printer by setting each phase of the machining. Any surface roughness is canceled by means of a classic tumbling system.

Suitable for:
• Functional prototyping of composite or metal parts
• Short production cycles in a high strength material
• Production of light assembly tools to improve ergonomics and alleviate the fatigue of workers
• Replacement of metal parts with light and resistant composites

Quality Control

Quality Control Mitutoyo

Thanks to fine measuring instruments, the entire production is kept under control, respecting the tolerances requested either by the design department or directly by the Customer. All products are subjected to surface checks to obtain the highest quality and a finished product that meets high quality standards.

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